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Fitness Club In A Box – Buying Commercial Fitness Equipment for starting your own gym or expanding an existing one!

Many firms consider buying into a Franchise model such as Snap Fitness or Anytime Fitness, which are fast growing in name and profits from selling gym equipment to entrepreneurs as a Franchise Model, however, there is a much more affordable way to go about building a gym.

Commerical Fitness Equipment
Commerical Fitness Equipment

One of the world’s fastest growing fitness club phenomena’s is ordering

equipment from a fitness equipment manufacturer or a distributor who can supply wholesale fitness equipment, with all of the functions, features, software’s and equipment a franchise can supply you in a container and ship the wholesale fitness equipment to your Country or front door so you can start your own gym for under $100,000 USD where other companies charge $250,000 and more.

The Fitness Club In A Box system and equipment can supply both new fitness equipment and refurbished fitness equipment, leasing for equipment, and shipping direct to your location.

A la carte you can add to a fitness club in a box to include software support, strategy, marketing, accounting, and member management. Where Franchises make the bulk of their profits charging you for their name brand support, all of this is available out of the box and with a one stop shop at Fitness Club In A Box.

Across Canada and the US, over 100 clubs have installed equipment from fitness club in a box, with raving success and endorsements from firms such as the Athletic Clubs, Fit Well, Just Ladies Fitness, Fitness World, and other major firms.

Internationally we have supplied equipment such as:

Our shipping department can send a container of fitness equipment to almost any destination in the World!

Fitness Club In A Box offers the most cost effective, fast, and modular method of building fitness clubs in the world. Whether you are opening one gym, or 100 gyms, we can supply the complete fitness club franchise system in a box for you anywhere in the World!

In order to purchase fitness equipment today, contact Brandon@fitnessclubinabox.com or Mike@fitnessclubinabox.com.

Please supply the square footage or squared metres of the gym location you would like to start, the Country of which you would like to build the gym, the theme behind your gym, and the budget you have for building a gym. Our sales agent Brandon will set-up a meeting with our world class Gym Consultant Mike Hamill who will design the floor layout, pieces of equipment required, and prepare the documentation and proposal to start your own fitness club and start your own gym today!

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